• Kansas City Charity Services

    Founded in 2009, Kansas City Charity Services, Inc

    is a registered 501(c)3 Missouri Non-profit organization.

    Our purpose is urban core community improvement through

    strategic planning with various neighborhood community groups.

    At present, ​Kansas City Charity Services is involved in revitalizing

    the urban core, within the Neighborhood Strategy Areas

    as designated by the City of Kansas City, Missouri.


    Kansas City Charity Services is is redefining affordable, low-income housing.

    We’re a local nonprofit organization that is working to build a more humane world where poverty is alleviated,

    communities are healthy and all people can develop their full potential.

    Our Vision

    Kansas City Charity Services envisions a world, where community is inclusive for all people no mater social status nor income. We are committed to creating affordable homes and providing home ownership within 10 years with affordable monthly payments.

    Who We Are

    We participate in the development, preservation, management and/or financing of affordable, program-enriched housing across the country. We acquire and renovate existing housing, as well as develop new affordable rental properties. Kansas City Charity Services is the only national nonprofit in Kansas City that addresses America’s affordable housing crisis from every angle, combining 20 years of experience, numerous local partners and the expertise of over 35 volunteers citywide.

    What We Do

    • We develop and deploy programs and support community organizations on the ground.
    • We advocate for policy on a nonpartisan basis at every level of government.
    • We invest capital to build and preserve rental homes people can afford.
    • And we own and operate affordable homes and provide resident services for 22,000 people.

    All so that people not only make rent, they build futures.

    Our Mission

    Our programs are designed to provide home ownership within 10 years with affordable monthly payments of $500.00 - $700.00 per month.

    To make home and community places of pride, power and belonging, and platforms for resilience and upward mobility for all.

    Revitalize the urban core community through strategic planning with various neighborhood community groups.

    Our Impact

    With this end-to-end approach, 20 years of experience and thousands of local partners, Kansas City Charity Services has built and preserved 250 affordable homes, invested $567 thousand in communities in the urban core of Kansas City and changed lives.


    Kansas City Charity Services


    Kansas City Charity Services has developed strategies for providing housing economically to low-income families (families which have become dispossessed due to changes in economic conditions). Our programs are designed to provide home ownership within 10 years with monthly payments of $500.00 - $750.00 per month. We will provide completely renovated housing, (updated electrical, updated plumbing, updated Heating and Cooling, new flooring, interior and exterior painting, updated kitchens and bathrooms, etc.). The following requirements are necessary for acceptance into this program.


    The mission of Urban Core Community Workforce is to create a cadre of workforce personnel trained in residential renovation skills through our Urban Core Redevelopment Program. This program utilizes urban core youth and unemployed adults, preferably displaced adult workers preferably veterans, to transform dilapidated, abandoned and neglected property in the urban core into viable low-income/no income housing.


    Can you imagine the vacant lots on your block looking like this?

    Can you imagine free fruits, nuts and possibly vegetables replacing vacant,

    weed infested and overgrown lots which dot the urban core neighborhoods.

    With park benches, a walking path and subdued night lights,

    this would be an idea place for neighborhood youth

    to experience the thrill of picking fresh apples, peaches, pears, plums.

    No more trips to the grocery store for fresh vegetables or fruits.

     And the key ingredient is that once the orchard is developed,

    it would be owned by the residents of that particular block. 

    Surrounded on three sides by a privacy fence with camera monitoring

    and recording day or night, this could be an ideal place to relax,

    read a book or maybe just chill with other block residents after a work week.

    If you can believe it, we can achieve it - just takes dedication to desire.










    You can change the world with one idea or one invention.  

    With the right resources, you can!

    Ideas require action to make them real - and waiting just gives

    someone else the chance to patent or produce the very thing which

    you have put aside - to their advantage, not yours.

    To produce an idea, to market an idea requires inspiration and dedication,

    knowledge and belief and a willingness to go the distance - the difference

    between the talkers and the doers.

    • The first step in making an idea real is to come up with the right idea - not the perfect idea, but the right idea - and from this right idea, putting the right resources in place to make it real.  
    • The second step is to decide if you are going to create a business to sell your product or if you plan to produce a product for others to sell. If you are creating a business, you have to develop a business plan, develop a business entity, obtain an EIN, obtain a location, set up production and begin marketing.  With the right idea comes the need to put the idea in writing, to write up the description and create drawings so others can see what you visualize.  This is a process, as your idea, once written, will show you the possible need for refinement, correction or modification. 
    • The next step is the need for protection, which is a patent, copyright or trademark.  Establishing this protection is done through the United States Patent Office, which itself is a process.  For initial protection, a provisional patent application is filed, which will protect your idea for one year.  This gives you time to develop possible manufacturers, investors or other possible refinements.  
    • The next step would be prior art research, which will allow you to determine if your idea already may be patented.  Once prior art research is completed and you find that you have a marketable idea, a non-provisional application is made, which, if approved, will protect your idea in the United States for twenty years. (However, you will probably want to apply for an international patent after approval of the non-provisional patent in order to put your product on the world market.) 
    • Now you are ready to take your idea to the market, either through your business or through others, which entails contacting possible companies that may be interested in licensing your product or producing your product for sales. If you want to create a business, We Can Help.  If you want to create a product, We Can Help.  
    • If you can believe it, we can achieve it - just takes dedication to desire.