• Home and

    community are


    to more.

    Our Vision is to support

    first-generation homeownership

    for low income families by

    renovating abandoned and

    neglected properties within

    the urban core.


    Kansas City Charity Services


    is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the revitalization of the urban core community through strategic planning with various neighborhood community groups. Our programs are designed to provide home ownership within 10 years with affordable monthly payments.

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    Community Development

    With Unity Thru Community

    We are focused on revitalizing the undeserved neighborhoods, typically low-income, that have experienced significant disinvestment.

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    Providing Affordable Housing

    With Unity Thru Community

    We invest in and advocate for the preservation and production of quality homes that people can afford.

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    Community Workforce Project

    With Unity Thru Community

    Utilize urban core youth and unemployed adults, displaced workers, veterans, to transform dilapidated, abandoned and neglected property int he urban core into viable low-income/no income housing.

  • 1.3 Million American children live in unstable housing

    Federal Rental Assistance Hasn’t Kept Pace

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    United States Federal Rental Assistance Fact Sheet

    Download a PDF of this fact sheet here.

    On a single night in 2018, half a million people experienced homelessness in the United States. An estimated 1.3 million American school children lived in shelters, on the street, doubled up with other families, or in hotels or motels during the 2016-2017 school year.

    • 10.4 million people in 5.2 million American households use federal rental assistance to afford modest housing.
    • 68% are seniors, children, or people with disabilities.
    • The median rent (including utilities) for an apartment in the United States was $1,060/month in 2018 , an 13 percent increase since 2001.
    • 4 in 10 low-income* people in the United States are homeless or pay over half their income for rent. 


    23 million people in 10.7 million low-income American households pay more than half their income for rent, often forgoing necessities, like food or medicine, to keep a roof over their heads. Most don’t receive rental assistance due to funding limitations.

  • Housing Shortage

    Housing is the key to reducing intergenerational poverty and increasing economic mobility. Research shows that increasing access to affordable housing is the most cost-effective strategy for reducing childhood poverty and increasing economic mobility in the United States.


    Stanford economist Raj Chetty found that children who moved to lower poverty neighborhoods saw their earnings as adults increase by approximately 31%, an increased likelihood of living in better neighborhoods as adults, and a lowered likelihood of becoming a single parent.

  • Sponsor a Project

    Bring a new low income home to an entire community

    or school with a gift of $10,000 or more.

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    Give the Gift of Affordable Housing

    People of color face disproportionately high housing problems when compared to non-Hispanic whites and the population as a whole.


    Disproportionate housing problems are even greater when looking at severe housing problems. While Kansas City, Missouri, residents tend to have a higher probability of having housing problems, these percentages are almost equal for non- Hispanic blacks and Hispanics whether they live in the city or the region as a whole.

    You can make a difference.

  • Impact a Family in Need

    42 percent of households with five or more people are experiencing housing problems, 50 percent greater than the number of smaller households experiencing problems.


    To learn more about funding a housing project, ways to give, and our commitment to reporting back on your impact, contact us below.

    Invest in the vision of affordable housing for all and change the world, one neighborhood at a time.


  • Every Family

    Every Man

    Deserves a home to

    raise their children.

  • To Build A Community That Thrives

    Everyone who gets sleepy at night should have a simple decent place to lay their heads, on terms they can afford to pay. Kansas City Charity Services helps families in our Kansas City community build stables homes in a safe community. Learn more about our affordable housing solutions below.


  • Our Impact

    See the results of your support and our efforts combined.

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    Volunteer service hours

    contributed by students and staff.

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    Of families placed in our housing programs

    secure long-term employment.

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    Home renovated and rehabbed through our urban core redevelopment program.

  • We are your Guiding Light.

    Our Objective is very simply stated as UNITY THRU COMMUNITY.

    Unity can only be achieved through community involvement and support.

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